Pan-US Readiness Record (US)

*Updated* The 2024 Lucid Privacy Pan-US Readiness Record provides an updated, unified checklist for companies assessing compliance obligations with comprehensive state privacy laws that are in effect in the United States, or coming into effect at some point in 2024.

This Readiness Record takes into account CCPA and CPRA (California), VCDPA (Virginia), CPA (Colorado), CTDPA (Connecticut), and UCPA (Utah). Where regulators have released rule making associated with these laws, we have updated the record accordingly. This record covers the key definitions and applicability thresholds, and combines the core obligations of the laws into a set of requirements. We will continue to update this document as policy making continues and additional states come on board.

What's new: The 2024 Pan-US RR adds Oregon Consumer Privacy Act (“OCPA”), Texas Data Privacy and Security Act (“TXDPSA”), and the Montana Consumer Data Privacy Act (“MTCDPA”).

Important note: This Readiness Record only covers finalized text and rulemaking as of the date of this Readiness Record. As such, the California Privacy Protection Agency's proposed requirements for CCPA Privacy Risk Assessments are anticipated within the RR but not given explicit treatment.

Download Pan-US Readiness Record (US) 2024